MEET Croatia

We help you to design your personal financial future planning.

Regardless of whether you want to be retired or want to work until the AHV age is reached, the subject of retirement can no longer be postponed until all eternity. By the age of 55 at the latest you should deal with your personal retirement planning. For the regular or early retirement you need a concept. 

Changing from work to retirement will result in general changes. The individual personal need and the current life situation of each individual play a central role.

So the question arises as to whether a (partial) capital draw of pension fund capital makes sense?

However, such ideas have to be linked to the most accurate calculations and tailored to personal circumstances.

These questions are:

  • Is the income sufficient after retirement?
  • Is there enough asset substance available?
  • How much share of the total does the AHV consist of?
  • What income gaps arise with early retirement?
  • How can possible income gaps be bridged?
  • Should the pension fund claim be received as a pension or as capital?
  • How can the tax burden be reduced?

All of these questions are answered professionally and comprehensively by us in  personal retirement planning.